an Ardiuno based sound synthesizer


The GinSing project started as a search for a unique solution for voice and sound synthesizer applications for the Arduino microcontroller. The Arduino community is a driving force in the open hardware and software movements, and promotes innovation and individual exploration of DIY projects around the world. I wanted to provide a hardware/software solution that would enable these makers to experiment with complex waveform synthesis in their projects.

After researching various technologies, I created an add-on board (shield) that utilizes a PIC18F running licensed firmware called the Babblebot IC ( formerly known as the SoundGin chip ). We have since commercialized the product with full support for a c++ software interface, commercial assembly, website and tech support, and more.



After the hardware was designed and built, and the library API was developed, the next logical step was to visualize the functioning of the Babblebot IC from the desktop.

To do this, I wrote a conduit program on the Arduino to act as a serial interface between the PC and Babblebot IC. This opened the door to the development of Tweaker, a Java sapplication that runs on the PC that provides a full featured graphics interface to the control parameters of the GinSing. This, in effect, turns the GinSing into a more traditional style synthesizer using the PC as the control surface.

 On September 2018, I decided to stop sales of all things GinSing related as interest began to wane. For those who may be reaching this page from the original site, you can get support information on the archive here:



ginsing archive